About This Site

The goal of this blog is to simply touch on topics in the field of christian theology, apologetics, and biblical studies. I hope that through this blog christians will be encouraged to grow, will find resources for their studies, and will ultimately be challenged to think more critically about the world we live in through the biblical worldview.

In the United States, we face an age full of “hereditary christians” whom know little of scripture. We also face new waves of christians who exclude portions of scriptures for their political or personal agenda, incorporate new age philosophy into biblical interpretation, and who twist scripture for their own gain. In a counter against such christianity, we true disciples of Christ must be willing to be bold in what scripture proclaims. In light of these problems we face, I hope that the material you find on this blog will prove to be based in scripture so that you may confirm that my work is dictated by my conscience, convictions, and of course, the Word of God.

I thank everyone one of you for taking the time to read through this blog and I hope to continue to produce works for you to enjoy, share, and contemplate. I love suggestions for topics, and welcome you to participate in suggesting topics that you would like for me to cover.

I hope you are all blessed by this page.

God bless you.


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    • I think there is a share option under each article for google plus. Typically the updates are run from a Facebook page I have for it or through my personal google plus account. Thanks for checking it out!

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