New Author Introduction

Hello everyone,

I’m a new addition to the blog and seeing as how I’m going to try and be more regular presence here, other than Nick, I wanted to introduce myself to the audience. My name is Joshua, I’m 23 and a Christian. I’ve known Nick for several years and he has asked me to join his blog. I like Pina colodas and long walks on the beach. I come from a heavy IT background, and share the passion of music making with Nick.

Now that you know some basics about me, here is more about my spiritual journey. I was raised Catholic, and spent the majority of my life that way until around High School, at that time I turned from that faith and became an Agnostic/Atheist. I believed in a higher power, but did not see it in a way that others did or believed in, at least to my understanding at the time. I believed that the higher power was impersonal and was not involved with his creation or didn’t care, at the least he had way more to worry about in the vast endless universe than to just focus on us humans. I believed in the Golder Rule, to treat others how you would want to be treated, and that alone would get you into whatever afterlife it was that I believed in, and that it was the point of our existence, to make life not suck for anyone else. Nick and I had a falling out toward the end of High School and for several years we wouldn’t talk, and I stayed on that same path doing my best as a person but it never really feeling like enough, and feeling like something was missing or lacking.

Eventually Nick and I had a rekindling of our relationship, we jumped into what we were doing previously like making music and the like, but Nick was no longer the extreme Atheist he was when I knew him in High School, he was married and had a daughter on the way, most importantly to this story he was a Christian and studying theology in college to become a professor or pastor. Over the course of about a year Nick introduced me to Christianity as it was truly meant to be, and not the misconception fed to me by our culture and media, at the time Westboro Baptist Church was all over the news. He cleared up important things that I had issues with, or at the least encouraged me to go in with an open mind. He put a lot of time and effort into turning back to a Chrisitian root, I believe that my Catholic upbringing helped with that, but its definitely not the same thing though similar in many ways. On November 1st, 2015 I was baptized by Nick into the Chrisitan faith, and gave my life to Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

So there it is! A brief summary of my path, lots of things were looked over and skipped for the sake of brevaty, I was a much more angry person in those days and becoming Christian has been the biggest and most important change of my life.



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