The Holy Bible in a Nutshell

Today we begin talking about the book that started it all. It’s a collection of accounts inspired by God and given to the people around the world to use and learn from aka: the Holy Bible. Now simply put the world Bible comes from Biblion in Greek, which simply means book. Not to hard to grasp there, but interesting enough it’s meaning is ‘book’’ which says, it’s the king of the books, in fact its one of the most sold and stolen books in the world.

When you look at a bible you’ll notice it’s overwhelming in words, pages and studies (sometimes). That’s because in the Holy Bible there are 66 books total. We have the Old Testament, which is 39 books and the New Testament, which is 27. The Bible has over forty different authors and it was written during a period of 1600 hundred years.

Now a lot of people say the bible is just a book of fairy tales, but how can a book with over forty different authors who didn’t know each other create one piece of literature that would become the most known book in the world? When the 66 books were complied they made one composite whole of one overall mind, the mind of God.

Starting with the Old Testament’s 39 books we get a basic layout based off of genre (if you will).

History The Law Wisdom and Poetry Major Prophets Minor Prophets
Genesis Exodus Job Isaiah Hosea
Joshua Leviticus Psalms Jeremiah Joel
Judges Numbers Proverbs Lamentations Amos
Ruth Deuteronomy Ecclesiastes Ezekiel Obadiah
I Samuel Songs of Songs Daniel Jonah
I Kings Micah
II Kings Nahum
I Chronicles Haggai
II Chronicles Habakkuk
Ezra Zephaniah
Nehemiah Zechariah
Esther Malachi

After the Old Testament there is a 400-year break before the birth of Jesus Christ. Typically people call this break 400 years of silence. Eight men wrote the New Testament and three of them were apostles of Jesus Christ (Matthew, John and Peter).

Now in the beginning of the bible it began with scrolls. Eventually they were copied and made into the one book we have today. (This is the super short version). When it came to decide what books should be in the bible, the men who put together the accounts rehearsed the authenticity of the authors. Without going into details an example would be the Mormon religion and it’s origin, being that the sources for it were unreliable and falsely claimed. I’ll let you do the research on that one.

When it comes to studying the bible you can find great recourses online and in books at your local shop. The hard part is trying to find the best version of the bible for you. I use the New International Version because it’s the closets to the original writings, not including the King James Version because of its Shakespeare style language. You’ll find articles through Google that may be able to help you pick the best version, but I found that just going to a Christian bookstore and reading the same passage from different versions was most helpful. At that point you can decide do you understand what it’s saying or not? It’s pretty straightforward. Though if you do this and you still don’t know than maybe you could do some research on the versions themselves to get a better grasp on which one to pick.

This brings this post to a conclusion, if you have any questions you can email me at or leave comments and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Also don’t forget to follow this site! Thank you.


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