I’m Saved….What Next?

This post will be really short, in fact it’s just a push through the door. It pretty much just gives you a starting point in your christian walk.

Now in the beginning of your walk with God I think its safe to say there are some beginner disciplines because information on God can be quite overwhelming in the beginning. So here are three things that you should be doing next….

1. Bible Study

I’ll get more into detail about bible studies next, but reading the bible is very important. It’s the word of God and you should read a passage at least once a day. It is the telephone that connects you to God. If you don’t know where to start in the bible, I recommend new Christians to read I John once a day for seven days. I John is good for building up confidence of what you have in Christ. Like I said I will be posting bible studies, and bible information up after this series is finished.

2. Prayer

Prayer is very important. It’s your communication to God and he communicates through the word. For prayer most people like using “ACTS” (you can google, ACTS prayer) but that doesn’t mean you have too of course!

3. Find a Church

This one was hard for me. You really need to try a couple of churches and find one that’s right for you. There are a lot of churches to try, but the only way to know if its right for you is to get out there and go to a couple! You may ask family where they go and check it out. Or ask a friend to go with you to a couple of different churches, that way you don’t feel awkward.

Now I would like to tell you this is all you should be doing in your Christian walk, but it is not. Eventually you get to evangelism, serving,fasting, etc.

I read a great book regarding the disciplines for Christians, I recommend you check it out! It’s fairly cheap. http://www.amazon.com/Spiritual-Disciplines-Christian-Pilgrimage-Growth/dp/1576830276

The Next post in “Breaking the Chains” will be about the meaning of risen life. The next post will be a lot longer, so hold onto your hats!  I hope you enjoyed this post and that it was somewhat insightful!

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